the essential

One of the key benefits of moving to Mill View is the range of services provided.

service charge

The building, communal areas, grounds, gardens, facilities and services are maintained to the very highest standards and the cost of providing these is recovered through a service charge.

what the service charge covers
  • Reception and administration services
  • 24 hour on-site emergency call monitoring and response
  • Cleaning, heating and lighting for all communal areas
  • Building insurance (including your apartment and its fixtures such as fitted kitchen and bathroom) but excluding your contents and personal effects.
  • Communal annual water rates and sewerage costs are included in the service charge.
  • Maintenance and repair of the building structure including the exterior of your apartment, communal windows and exterior doors.
  • Management and maintenance of gardens and grounds
  • All mandatory and required inspection testing and maintenance contracts e.g. lifts, fire, smoke alarms etc.
Your own costs

You are responsible for all ongoing living costs and tailored care packages if required. These can include Council Tax, electricity, telephone, broadband, contents insurance and any ongoing maintenance and upkeep relating to the interior of your apartment and fixtures and fittings therein.

Each apartment is connected to a communal hot water heating system that will supply hot water to your apartment. You will then be billed directly for your water usage.

buying a home at mill view

The three main criteria for purchasing are as follows:

  • Occupants must be aged 55 or over.
  • Your annual household income can be no more than £80,000.
  • You will need to sell any existing property owned before purchasing a home at Mill View.

You can buy a share in your home (50% or 75%) with the remaining share owned by bpha. There is no rent to pay on a 75% purchase. In the future, you can simply sell your share for its value at the time of sale (current market valuation required) or purchase further shares in your home (up to 75%).

Renting a home at mill view

When an enquiry is made the Housing and Support Manager will contact you and conduct an initial assessment over the telephone to ascertain whether you meet the basic application criteria.

The following checks will be completed before a decision can be made regarding your application:

  • Whether you have a current care package in place
  • Whether you have a “local connection”
  • Your income sources
  • Your individual housing needs

Following these checks, a pre-verification assessment will be carried out by the Housing and Support Manager and an assessment will be carried out by the Care Provider. Once the assessments are completed, suitability can be determined by the Panel (which consists of the Housing and Support Manager, as representative from the Care Team, and a representative from Care Management/Older People’s Team). Once a decision by the panel is made, an offer if appropriate, will be given and the Housing and Support Manager will make arrangements with you to agree a move-in date (which includes the signing of the tenancy).

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